In the 1890’s, Lexington’s Old Mill was simply known as the home of the Lexington Manufacturing Company. Construction began in 1891 using granite quarried less than two miles away. Built on the banks of a pond on 12-mile Creek, the mill was designed to draw power from the water flowing down the creek. This flowing water would power over 200 looms and 7,000 spindles that the mill would use to manufacture cotton goods. The mill ran around the clock to turn raw cotton into cloth, bed ticking, and mattress covers – some of which were exported across the country!

For decades, the mill provided jobs to thousands of families and allowed Lexington to flourish and grow. As the nation’s economy began to change in the 1920’s, the mill changed ownership and cotton production continued on for almost forty more years. Cotton production ultimately ceased in the early 1960’s, leaving the mill building to serve as a warehouse/boat manufacturing plant. In 1984, the mill was converted into a mixed-use development and began to house assorted shops, restaurants, and gym facilities. Much like it does currently!

Today,over 20 Lexington businesses call the Old Mill home. These small business owners and the owner of the Old Mill recognize the important role the Mill has played in our community’s past and are committed to preserving its role in Lexington’s future.

Come see why, even after 130 years and 1 historic flood, the Old Mill is still standing strong and serving our community. You’ll be surprised at what you can find!

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