While no longer a prosperous cotton mill, Lexington’s Old Mill continues to be a cultural/economic center in Lexington as we’re now home to over 20 shops and businesses. Spanning everything from chiropractic to used books, yoga or web design – our unique shops and businesses truly offer something for everyone.

Old Mill Shops

Books, Music, Paint and More!

Truly a destination location, the shops in the Old Mill sell everything from used books to brewery supplies. You can learn to play musical instruments at Freeway Music or practice your painting skills at Lexington Paint & Pour. On Sunday morning, you can even attend church at Watershed Fellowship!

Unwind or Get Fit!

Lexington’s Old Mill contains many shops that offer ways to unwind or get fit. Depending on what you’re looking for, we have a place that’s right for you! A full service salon and spa? Check. A yoga center. A crossfit gym. Check and check. A pole dancing studio, a yoga center, a chiropractic office? We have them all and more!

Speciality Services!

The Old Mill is also home to businesses that offer a wide range of specialty services. Insurance, Legal Counsel, Interior & Exterior Design, Marketing and Web Design are just a few of the services you can find at the Old Mill. To learn more about the shops and businesses that call the Old Mill home, refer to the business names to the right.